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Are toy sewing machine worth the money?

One question we get asked a lot is are these toy sewing machine worth the money.

Now there are many suppliers out there that do say that they have are an excellent quality sewing machine. Let’s put this into perspective - you have to consider that the suppliers have to put a markup, as do the seller and then the dealer needs their mark up as well. So when you take the actual selling price of around £60.00, how well is this made?

Personally, I feel that £60.00 is a very high rate for these kinds of sewing machines. I’ve not seen many of them work very well and the problem is when they don't work well, the actual cost to fix them is always going to be around the price you have paid for the item. As I am the mechanic in our shop at the moment, I see a lot of students buying these machines. Yes, they are small, and yes, they can work well. But longevity wise, is it worth spending your £60.00 on this?

It is my belief when you are buying your sewing machine that you should always buy a sewing machine that does too much, the main reason being there is never any regret with functionality, you never really hear anyone say that they wish they have brought a machine that does less. Yes, there will be things on the machine that you don't know how to use but it always best to grow into a machine.

That said if you are looking for a simple machine that can get you started, which is small enough not to take up so much room, which can make projects and alter household items, then you are far better off buying a compact sewing machine. We have some great examples in the links below of what we mean. All a little bit more than the others but as you will see they start from £99.00.

Ok, I know what you are saying, but that is more than £60.00 Duncan. Yes, you are right it is more. However, these sewing machines are SEWING MACHINES, and they are built to sew and be used. They have proper components in and, more importantly, if you decide that this not for you, you can sell it and make some money back.

Now that said, what we offer our customers is a part exchange scheme. So if you buy a simple machine and then within a year you decide that you want a better one, we will part exchange your machine for a new sewing machine. There are a few things we needed to take into account with this but get in touch if you any questions.
I have also been known to do this if you have not brought the machine from us. Cheeky I know but we do have lots of options.

You should have 100% peace of mind that if you have any questions or any problems you have got our full support, so please do get in touch.

Have a chat with us for a discount code as well?? 😉


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