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We’re your one-stop shop for a variety of well renowned and recognised sewing machines. We’ve carefully selected a variety of high-quality brands to ensure that you get the best results from your sewing project. Whether you’re looking for a beginner's sewing machine to get started or a more technical option for an advanced sewing project, you’ll be stuck for choice with Sewing Direct’s extensive collection.

You’ll find all of the names you know and love here! If you’d like to complete your sewing collection, don’t forget to browse our range of sewing patterns and sewing materials.
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Pfaff Sewing Machines

Since 1862 when the Pfaff sewing machine was originally created, the company’s mission has been the same: to continue to modernise sewing technology. Pfaff has continued to modernise from the days of sewing being a necessity to the modern era in which it’s considered a form of creative expression. Leading the way in the innovation of sewing technology, Pfaff’s products continue to be of the utmost quality.

With a beautiful design and a high-spec build, these sewing machines continue to be the nation’s favourite decades down the line. You’ll notice that Pfaff sewing machines run extremely quietly and seamlessly, making them perfect for any sewing project you may have in mind. Each version that Pfaff provide is extremely easy to use and navigate. Explore Pfaff’s wonderful range of high-spec sewing machines and accessoriesExplore Pfaff’s wonderful range of high-spec sewing machines and accessories today with Sewing Direct.

Singer Sewing Machines

Possibly one of the biggest names in the sewing industry, Singer have been a favourite for many generations. Originally founded in 1851 the company has been providing high-quality machines for everyone from beginners to experienced sewing enthusiasts.

Rich in History, Singer’s unique models come in all shapes and sizes. The vintage models are somewhat of a collector's item whilst the newest models are highly effective, seamless and high quality. Investing in a Singer sewing machine means quality and reliability - everything that you need in your favourite sewing machine. Shop Singer’s wonderful collection of first-class sewing machines and accessories at Sewing Direct today.

Bernina Sewing Machines

This wonderful Swiss brand has produced smooth and effortless sewing machines since 1893. A family favourite for many generations, this easy to use sewing machine is perfect for everyone from students to professional embroiderers. Bernina’s world-class features ensure that each project is completed to the utmost standard.

Not only is the Bernina renowned for its ability for quilting but a variety of other sewing projects. From simple stitching to more technical clothes making, the Bernina is the perfect option for every one of your projects. Explore our extensive collection of Bernina sewing machines and accessories at Sewing Direct, and get lifetime support from us when you shop today.

Silver Sewing Machines

Only founded in 1990, Silver Sewing Machines have built up their reputation in a short amount of time. Investing in this type of machine means investing in reliability, quality and value. Whether you’re a novice looking to sew for a hobby or a professional looking for something more technical, Silver Sewing Machines offer everything you could possibly need.

One thing we love about this brand is that all of their sewing machines are extremely easy to use. Their price range is extremely accommodating for every budget with everything from basic machines at £19.95 to high spec options at £899. Find exactly what you’ve been looking for with Sewing Direct’s collection of Silver Sewing Machines and accessories and get lifetime support from us when you shop today.

Necchi Sewing Machines

Necchi was founded over 100 years ago and continue to make world-renowned, high-quality sewing machines to this day. More specifically, Necchi sewing machines were first developed for domestic use and featured zig-zag stitches, enabling the user to perform a variety of decorative stitches for many different projects.

The great thing about Necchi is that their sewing machines come in a variety of different sizes, models and prices. This enables you to pick the perfect machine for your specific wants, needs and budget! Discover Necchi’s wonderful collection at Sewing Direct today and take your sewing projects to a whole new level.

Bernette Sewing Machines

Another popular brand of sewing machine that we love is Bernette. A favourite in almost every household, Bernette was only founded in 1989 but has since made a huge name for itself within the sewing industry. If you’re looking for a mid-range, all-rounder machine that you can trust with each and every one of your sewing projects, you’ve found the right brand!

Each model that Bernette produce is sturdy, runs seamlessly and is extremely easy to use. Whatever your experience with sewing, a Bernette sewing machine will help to take your skills to the next level. Browse Sewing Directs collection of Bernette sewing machines and accessories today, and get lifetime support when you buy a machine from the range.

Baby Lock Sewing Machines

Baby Lock is the latest brand to join the Sewing Direct family. With a long history that goes back to the mid-20th century, Baby Lock has been crafting exceptional sewing machines and overlockers for years.

Baby Lock's mission is to bring a unique, personalised touch to putting the necessary equipment in the hands of sewers. Their machines are designed by sewers themselves, providing an unrivalled experience that captures and elevates the sewing experience. Browse our collection of Baby Lock overlockers and accessories here.

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