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5 Common Issues With Your Sewing Machine - And How To Solve Them

Sewing machines can be your worst enemy when it comes to actually sitting down and starting a new project. Luckily most of the issues that arise can be solved from the comfort of your own home. We have put together a list of the most common issues or mistakes you could be making with your sewing machine and their solutions, to help you get back to creating!

The Most Common Issues and How To Fix Them

Thread Bunching Up

When stitching you may notice thread bunching up or if you're seeing knots of extra thread on the underside of your sewing, this could be one of a few issues. Your bobbin could either be threaded incorrectly or the bobbin thread could be too loose. A simple fix will be to take out the bobbin case and re-thread it or adjust the bobbin to gain the correct tension.

Broken Needles 

The needle is the easiest and cheapest sewing machine repair, however, can cause the most damage! Needles can break if you use the wrong needle with the wrong fabric or if you are using blunt and dull needles. To stop any issues occurring we recommend changing the needle for every project you start. This prevents needles from getting dull and causing bigger issues. 

Skipping Stitches

There are several reasons for your machine to be skipping stitches. Check that your needle is installed properly, and that it is not bent or broken. If the top thread is not reaching the bobbin, the threads will not lock properly resulting in a skipped stitch. To combat this, re-thread the machine and test again. 

Needle Refusing to Move

Is your machine running but the needle won't move? This seems like a challenging issue, but it has quite an easy fix! Your machine is likely set in bobbin-winding mode, so check that the lever for your bobbin is in the correct position and off you go!

A Dirty/Noisy Machine 

If your machine starts to produce an abnormal sound this could indicate that the machine is jammed or requires cleaning! Start by turning off your machine and gently cleaning the machine. Sewing machines need weekly if not daily cleaning to remove lint and fluff from underneath the throat plate. You can also oil the machine using sewing machine oil to prevent rust.

Sewing Machine Repairs

If these simple fixes do not seem to be helping with your sewing machine then not to worry! One of our expertly trained team members will be able to help with our handy maintenance repair service. We take pride in solving your sewing repair problems and we have a vast knowledge of different sewing machines, models, and ages. To learn more about this service and to book a maintenance repair service today, please contact us. 

Shop Our Wide Range Of Sewing Machines 

If you are totally fed up with your old sewing machine or you're ready to take your sewing to the next level, then why not shop our collection of sewing machines. Our range of Singer Machines are perfect for complete beginners and professionals alike. At Sewing Direct, we’re very proud to be one of their longest-serving official dealer’s shops. 


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