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The Best Sewing Machines That Also Do Embroidery

When you’re looking to tackle multiple sewing projects from your studio space or the comfort of your own home, a machine that combines both sewing and embroidery can be a great option. There are a variety of advantages to sewing machines of this kind, from taking up less space to simply switching functionalities. Take a closer look at some of the very best sewing machines on offer that also include embroidery capabilities.

Why Should You Choose a Sewing & Embroidery Machine?

First of all it is worthwhile to understand what a sewing & embroidery combination machine entails and why it can be a suitable choice. 

As the name suggests, embroidery sewing machines of this kind have the ability to complete regular stitching and are well-placed for a range of stitching and sewing needs. Where they excel is their ability to also undertake decorative embroidery, all from a single machine.

Save Space with a Sewing & Embroidery Machine

One of the main advantages to selecting a machine that combines both sewing and embroidery is the ability to save space wherever it is that your craft projects come to life; this is particularly useful when the area you use for sewing is limited.

Reduce Costs with a Single Sewing & Embroidery Machine

A further benefit to owning a single sewing & embroidery machine is the potential to save money. If sewing & embroidery is of interest to you, it may make sense to combine the cost of two separate machines into one. What’s more, by owning a single sewing & embroidery machine you also only need to repair one machine should it require maintenance at any point.

Our Sewing & Embroidery Machine Top Picks

Here are some of our favourite sewing & embroidery machines that we have hands-on experience with at Sewing Direct.

#1. Singer SE300 Sewing And Embroidery Machine

The Singer Legacy SE300 is a wonderful machine for any Singer sewing enthusiast. This powerful, yet affordable machine has 450 stitches and embroidery designs built-in (250 stitch settings and 200 embroidery functions). When selecting your desired settings, the LCD touchscreen control is clear and simple to use. Not to mention the ability to incorporate additional Singer software and customise your own sewing & embroidery layouts.

#2 Singer Futura XL-580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Another wonderful sewing & embroidery machine from Singer is the Singer Futura XL-580. With a large number of innovative features you will undoubtedly be able to complete high-quality crafts and perfect projects. This intelligent sewing & embroidery machine incorporates a large sewing space & 250 embroidery designs.

#3 Bernina S-590 Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machine

Despite being one of the higher price point sewing & embroidery machines, the Bernina S-590 boasts absolute quality. This latest redesign of the Bernina 5 series is capable of an incredible 1000 stitches per minute and features 275 built-in embroidery designs. If you’re searching for sewing perfection and pure quality, this is the machine for you.

Shop the Complete Sewing & Embroidery Machine Collection

Discover our complete collection of specially selected sewing & embroidery machines, available online or in-store. We also have a range of embroidery software available, where you can create custom embroidery designs from artwork, photos and more.

If you are unsure of which machine suits your sewing & embroidery needs, speak to a member of our friendly team who are more than happy to help find the perfect machine for you.

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