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5 of the Best Sewing Accessories

Whether you’re an experienced sewer or merely just starting out, a good way to make the experience more fun, as well as a better standard, is by using sewing machine accessories. With so many on the market nowadays, it can be tough to know which ones are really essential and will make a difference to your sewing.

However, worry not, here at Sewing Direct we’re always on hand to make your sewing experience as enjoyable as possible. Join us throughout the course of this blog as we run through some of our favourite sewing accessories available in the UK.

Sewing Machine Bags are Essential

Not only does a sewing machine bag make your machine easier to transport but it also makes it considerably easier to store. We’ve all been there where we’ve needed to quickly pack our sewing machine away for one reason or another, a bag makes it easy to make sure all the components you need are in one place. 

These bags also double up as protective cases which means your machine is less likely to be damaged in the rough and tumble of everyday life. With handheld and trolley options, you will find transporting and storing your sewing machine has never been easier. 

Topstitch Needles

If you’re looking for an additional type of needle that can do it all, the topstitch needle is a great choice to turn to. Designed to ensure that there are fewer skipped stitches, these are the perfect option for a stitch-heavy project, such as a quilt.

To get the most out of your topstitch needles, thread 2 threads at once (or use thicker thread) to perform beautiful decorative and topstitching work.

Leather Needles

Just like denim needles, leather needles are capable of stitching smoothly through some of the thickest fabrics, such as leather. Having additional needles to accompany your standard ones is a great accessory to have to hand. This means you will never be limited in what you can make. 

Bernina Big Book of Embroidery

As a part of the Bernina Big Book series, the Big Book of Embroidery is packed full of over 200 pages of helpful information and inspiration for every level of embroidering. Covering everything from basic editing functions to stitching techniques. A must-have sewing accessory for anyone looking to take up embroidery.

Bobbin Box, one of the Best Sewing Accessories

One of the best ways to do your best sewing is by being organised. Available from a handful of brands, a Bobbin Box is ideal for storing those additional bobbins you may have laying around.

Discover the best sewing accessories available in the UK, here at Sewing Direct 

Explore our full range of sewing accessories available here at Sewing Direct. Including branded accessories from Bernina, Singer and Bernette

If you have any questions about an accessory or a machine, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you. 
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