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Quilting 101: Learn all about Paper Piecing

Getting into quilting is a great hobby that yields great results, but with so many different styles and methods it can be difficult to choose your favourite quilting technique.

Paper piecing is a quilting technique that is both effective and a fun challenge, and at Sewing Direct we have created a handy guide to paper piecing to help you get started.

What is paper piecing?

Paper piecing is a way to create fun quilting patterns, sewing fabric to paper for a strong quilt block no matter the shapes of fabric you are trying to use.

Paper piecing allows you to apply patchwork sewing techniques to your quilting project, creating intricate designs and unique patterns. A paper pattern template is used, with fabrics being sewn directly onto the paper to ensure you create the correct shapes while stitching. Once you have finished piecing your quilt together the paper is either torn or washed off of the fabric, leaving you with a quality quilt without any stress.

Now you know what paper piecing is, how do you make it yourself?

How To Do Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns

Paper piecing is great for those wanting to unleash their creativity on their next sewing project. From geometric styles to bold but simple designs, a paper piecing project is only limited by your imagination.

But how do you begin?

When you have your design in mind it’s time to put it to paper. Paper piecing is easiest to create when using straight lines, allowing you to quickly create fun, geometric designs. 

Paper piecing can be started on any regular paper you have lying around. Print or draw your design onto the paper in the exact sizes you prefer, this is because you will be sewing your fabric directly to the pattern. 

Next, you will need to cut out your fabric into large enough sections to cover the area of the pattern you will be sewing it onto, leaving an inch of buffer room along the edges. 

You will need to pin your fabric sections onto the pattern with the face of your fabric facing up underneath the paper pattern. Once all pieces of fabric are pinned and ready you can begin sewing your project together. You may find it easiest to sew one line at a time, trimming edges as you go to avoid any mixups. Don’t forget to press your edges as you go!

What Do I Need for Paper Piecing Projects?

Paper piecing is a form of quilting, so using a sewing machine that you would use for quilting is a great idea. Bernina provides some excellent sewing machines that are perfect for those looking to get into quilting or paper piecing.

When choosing your fabric you should aim to use light fabrics that are easy to sew and press to create outstanding patterns. Quilting fabrics are an ideal choice to get started with your project.

Why not get started with a classic paper piecing star design for your first project? Or keep it simple with an easy geometric pattern.

Get Started Today with Sewing Direct

If you are looking to get started with quilting Sewing Direct is here to help with useful quilting workshops, fabrics and sewing machines that will help you to bring your idea to life.
For more tips and tricks that will help you get started with a paper piecing or quilting project check out our Beginners Guide to Quilting, or get in touch with a member of our friendly team for more information about workshops and products to help with your quilting journey.

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