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The "Totally Rawrsome" Pyjama Recipe by Sewing Direct

Ever wondered what you need to make your own Totally Rawrsome pyjamas? If so, read on...

Flannel pyjamas by 3 wishes Totally Rawrsome collection and a Juki DX7 sewing machine

Ingredients for "Totally Rawrsome" pyjamas:


Clear your sewing space. A clean sewing space is a happy sewing space... apparently!  Please note that I did not do this - I am a chaotic creator!

Take a deep breath and unfold your "Totally Rawrsome" fabric. Resist the urge to dive in without reading the pattern instructions we're in this for the long haul, not a quick cat nap.  It will actually save you some time, trust me I know.  This is absolutely a 'do as I say, not as I do' statement - I wasted endless hours of unpicking stitching because I did not follow this simple and obvious rule so take heed my fellow creatives.

Lay out your pattern pieces and pay attention to the grainline. No shortcuts here, or you might end up with pyjama bottoms that feel more like a twisted mess than a cosy cocoon - nobody needs to wake up with a wedgy.

Cutting with Precision:

Use your rotary cutter to carefully cut out each pattern piece. Think of yourself as a surgeon precision is key. Don't let the fabric "roar" louder than your determination!

Fire up your Juki DX7 sewing machine and thread it with Gutermann thread. Choose a colour that complements or contrasts with your fabric - let your personality shine through!

Seam together your pyjama pieces, but beware of distractions. One moment you're sewing straight, the next you're zigzagging into a wild jungle of fabric. Fear not, the seam ripper is your trusty companion on this adventure.

Add a touch of flair to your pyjamas with a ribbon piping accent for an extra touch of whimsy - let your creativity roam free! Why not make things exciting and play a game of thread chicken at the same time?

步uttonhole magic:

It's time to unleash the magic of your Juki DX7's buttonhole foot! Measure and mark where you want your buttons to go, then let the machine work its spell to create perfect buttonholes. Just make sure you use the buttonhole foot correctly (unlike me) as one (or three!) wrong moves and you might end up with buttonholes that lead to a parallel universe of wonky stitches and several hours of unpicking.  The manual, YouTube and your trusty, knowledgeable in-store engineers were my heroes here.

The magic buttonhole foot, sewing through multiple layers and interfacing effortlessly.

Trim any loose threads with your stork embroidery scissors, and stand back to admire your "Totally Rawrsome" creation. You've conquered the sewing jungle one seam ripper battle at a time! Now we're back to the bedtime battles, but at least they're done with a smile!

To sum it all up...

With your trusty sewing machine, a sprinkle of curse words and a dash of patience, you've turned fabric, ribbon and thread into a snuggly masterpiece fit for any bedtime adventure.

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Enjoy your cosy nights ahead, and may your dreams be as "Totally Rawrsome!" as your pyjamas!

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