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Necchi Sewing Machines and Accessories

Renowned Vintage Sewing Machine Manufacturer

Necchi has been creating quality sewing machines since 1919, creating some of the finest sewing machines available throughout the years. The sewing brand is renowned for their vintage sewing machines, as well as their quality modern sewing machines and overlockers alike.


Necchi has been making quality sewing machines for more than 100 years. Vittorio Necchi created the original sewing machine for his wife.  

A little over 20 years later, in 1946, they were making 1,000 vintage sewing machines a day and selling to more than 10,000 retailers. They haven’t slowed down either. 

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Necchi Premium Sewing Machines

Necchi Sewing Machines have been manufactured in Pavia, Italy for over 100 years, providing quality European sewing machines to professionals and beginners across the world. 

Reliable, trustworthy machines, Necchi doesn’t compromise on quality, providing a sturdy, versatile range of modern sewing machines and accessories that were designed to help you complete all of your sewing projects with ease. 

Modern Sewing Machines from Necchi

Modern Necchi machines have been made to the same high standard as their predecessors, leaving you as satisfied with the quality sewing products as your ancestors would have been. The perfect design for anyone who is looking to try computerised machines for the first time, Necchi is easy to use and built to stand the test of time.

Loved by professionals and home sewing enthusiasts alike, a Necchi machine promises innovative design, sturdy construction, and excellent stitch quality.

Start Sewing Today with Necchi

Necchi Sewing Machines are the ideal sewing machine to take you from beginner to professional with their useful machines that can sew anything, from silk to leather and everything in between. 

The computerised machine allows you to set up your preferences, making each project easier than the next and allowing you to try new techniques and stitches to find the one for you.


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