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Category: Servicing and Repairing your Sewing Machine

Servicing and Repairing your Sewing Machine

SewingDirect.co.uk - is your local East Midlands Servicing and Repair Centre for sewing machines. We are located at the Sewing and Knitting Centre in Beeston, Nottingham, and offer a friendly, efficient, and fast repair service.

Being a family-run business, customer service is important to us. We have a vast knowledge of different sewing machine makes, models, and ages, and take pride in solving your sewing problems. We recommend an annual service for your sewing machine, and by doing so, we ensure that we will fix 99.99% of sewing problems within our service costs. This keeps money in your pocket and means your sewing machine will last longer.

Book your sewing machine in for a service/repair below

Our Sewing Machine Service and Repair Offer :

  • Personalized support and advice for future maintenance to reduce problems and costs in the future
  • 3-month warranty on all work undertaken on domestic use machines
  • Competitive pricing for all repairs
  • We can collect, service/repair and redeliver ( mainland UK only) if you are unable to call in.

We are happy to discuss our service plan costs with you!!  Aternatively, if you just need a machine repair, please call us on 0115 9223904.

We have free car parking to the front of the shop and are more than happy to help carry your machine/s inside.

If you are a business, please let us know so we can do our utmost to avoid you losing time on committed orders.

We treat your machine as our own so you can be assured of receiving the best quality service and repair at the most competitive prices.

On a personal note, being brought up in the house of a keen sewer, I fully understand what it's like to leave your sewing machine for a service or repair. With this in mind, we offer our  'Mothers Guarantee'. This is my personal guarantee that while your sewing machine is with us, it will be looked after as if it were my mothers'.

We will service any domestic sewing machine, regardless of age or make.

Frequently asked Questions:

[toggle title="Q: What is a Mother Guarantee?"]

A: This is my personal guarantee that while your sewing machine is in for a service with us, I will look after it like my Mothers.


[toggle title="Q: Can we park close by?"]

A:Yes we have FREE parking directly in front of the shop. Please ensure you are parked in the tarmac area. If there are a few cars there, just pull in behind them if possible as there is not usually a long wait. If your machine is heavy, come and get us. We will carry it for you.


[toggle title="Q: How long will the Service Take?"]

A: We aim to work on a week's turnaround, providing your machine does not need any specialized parts which may incur a small time delay.


[toggle title="Q: I need My Sewing Machine faster than a week. Can you do anything?"]

A: No problem!! We offer a Premier Service, giving your machine priority for a small extra charge. We promise to turn around your service within 48 hours, providing your machine does not need any specialized parts, which again may incur a small time delay.


[toggle title="Q: What Happens in a Sewing Machine Service?"]

A:We do a complete Strip down, Clean, De-clog and Reset, ensuring your sewing machine is as close as possible to being back to factory settings.


[toggle title="Q: What will a Service Fix?"]

A: Everything apart from broken parts. We will cost any broken parts separately and obtain your approval prior to proceeding with a repair.


[toggle title="Q: Will there be any hidden cost?"]

A: No! We will be able to give you the price of a service when you drop your machine off and explain the price to you then. We are a family-run shop so reputation is important to us. We treat each customer with respect and we ensure to explain all costs prior to proceeding with the service and/or repair


[toggle title="Q: Do I need to book my sewing machine in for a service?"]

A: We do get very busy with sewing machine services/repairs and are currently working on a booking in system. This will be implemented at the top of the page very soon, but until then, please ring  on 0115 922 3904 and let us know when you are popping down.


[toggle title="Q: Is there a Guarantee?"]

A: As well as my Mothers Guarantee, we offer a 3-month guarantee on all work carried out.


If you have any other questions, please give us a call or click here to fill in the form on our contact us page.

Give us a call #0115 922 3904.

Press the instant chat function on our sites and contact us directly.

Transparent Service Pricings.
Below Prices are All Plus Parts but are inclusive of Vat.


[pricing_column featured="yes"]
[pricing_column_name comment=""]Standard Straight Stitch Sewing Machine[/pricing_column_name]
[price comment=""]£51.50[/price]
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[pricing_column_name comment=""]Zig Zag Sewing Machine[/pricing_column_name]
[price comment=""]£61.50[/price]
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[pricing_column_name comment=""]Multiple Stitch Sewing Machine[/pricing_column_name]
[price comment=""]£71.50[/price]
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[pricing_column_name comment=""]Computerised Sewing Machine[/pricing_column_name]
[price comment=""]£81.50[/price]
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[pricing_column_name comment=""]OverLocker [/pricing_column_name]
[price comment=""]£77.50[/price]
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