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Pfaff sewing machine is leading the way in developing new thinking with sewing machines. With their latest release being the Icon range which brings a whole new aspect to your quilting or embroidery with two fantastic machines. Pfaff really have moved the bar for the rest of the sewing machine world.

At our high street shop, we have seen an increase in popularity with the Pfaff range. Mainly down to the great look and extremely well-built sewing machines. Customers can purchase a Pfaff confident they won't regret it.
What you'll always notice on a Pfaff is how quiet it is compared to other makes out there. Pfaff puts a lot of thought into each machine to make it as user friendly as possible. 

Not only that, but any sewing machine from Sewing Direct comes with a lifetime support guarantee, so if you have any questions or concerns we will be able to help you find the answers.

At Sewing Direct, we stock a wide range of Pfaff sewing machines. Get in touch and we'll be able to find you the best machine to fit your needs and budget?

0115 922 3904

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133 High Road, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2LL
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