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baby lock Sashiko

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baby lock Sashiko

Enjoy a unique hand stitch with the baby lock Sashiko.  Sashiko is an old Japanese tradition that emerged over a thousand years ago.  The sewing world has never seen anything like this: the baby lock Sashiko is a machine that imitates this hand stitching. It uses an unusual technique to produce stitches that look as if they were made by hand on your fabric.

Say goodbye to nylon threads that make your quilt hard and stiff.  The baby lock Sashiko gives your projects a hand-stitched look by using just one thread wound up on a bobbin.  An ingenious needle system raises this thread or holds it ready on the bobbin.  This makes the stitches look as if they were handmade. See for yourself.

Features of the baby lock Sashiko

A large workspace and a well-lit sewing area help you cope with even voluminous sewing projects. And if you use a thicker material or a puffy batting for your quilt, simply adjust the presser foot a bit higher to avoid creasing. You can adapt the presser foot pressure to the thickness of your quilt sandwich without any problem . You can also vary the stitch length and the distance between the individual stitches between 2 and 5 mm to create fanciful effects. Have you already had a closer look at the stitches used for high-quality jackets? Your baby lock Sashiko conjures up similar stitches on your clothing in no time at all. A real eye-catcher! The baby Sashiko lets you unleash your creativity any way you want. This machine is a must for every quilter and sewer!

Great looking stitches

Your baby lock Sashiko lets you create all these great looking stitches. You don't need any invisible nylon thread or other ways to hide the stitches.  Decide for yourself whether your stitches should be short or a bit longer. Vary the length and spacing of the stitches between 2 and 5 mm, thus making them seem as if they were hand-stitched.  Simply readjust these settings also while you are sewing to create eye-catching effects.

Adjustable, accessible controls

All important controls are arranged at the machine head of the baby lock Sashiko. Use the dial on top of the machine to adjust the desired presser foot pressure. Thanks to the marks on the dial, you can easily return to the default setting. Do you want to sew or quilt a thicker material or use a nonwoven fabric? Simply change the presser foot height with the dial on the side of the machine head. This adjustment defines whether the presser foot rests firmly on the fabric or makes a hopping movement while you are sewing. This prevents the formation of creases in front of the presser foot. The key beside the LED lamps lets you adjust the position of the needle whenever you stop sewing.

The corresponding LED lamps to come on depend on your adjustment. No matter whether you have chosen the top or bottom position, you can change the needle's position at any time at the press of a button. The baby lock Sashiko has another interesting feature. The LED lamps show you if the machine is in the threading position or not. The baby lock Sashiko, devised by the firm of baby lock, lets you enjoy your hobby.

Adjustable stitch length and spacing

These two levers let you easily adjust the stitch length and stitch spacing. Adjust the stitch length and spacing continuously between 2 mm and 5 mm and every sewing project takes on its own character.  You can vary the setting even while you are sewing and give your project this hand-stitched look quickly and easily.

Latch wire system

The baby lock Sashiko has a special needle with an open eye that is opened and closed through a latch wire system. Thanks to this fantastic technology, the baby lock Sashiko can imitate the look of traditional hand-work stitching. This ingenious system catches the thread that is wound up on the bobbin every second time the needle pierces the fabric to form defined stitches with the help of the latch wire.

Accessory Compartment

No more tiresome searching for the correct Sashiko accessory. The handy accessory compartment on the left of the machine contains all the important tools. The accessories it can hold include:

  • Tweezers
  • Needles
  • Small screwdriver for the needle screw
  • Large screwdriver
  • Small soft brush to clean the machine
  • Additional latch wires
  • Spool cap


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