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Bernina 790 Pro Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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  • Total Peace of Mind: Enjoy 100% peace of mind, knowing that we're here to assist you with any questions, no matter how small or big, and address any issues you may encounter with your machine.
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Introducing the Bernina 790 Pro Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Elevating Your Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery Experience!

The B 790 PRO comes equipped with an array of thrilling enhancements in sewing, quilting, and embroidery. With the advanced stitchprecision2 Technology of the next generation, this machine takes precision to new heights, giving you complete control over every stitch and ensuring flawless results with every creation.

PRO Precision!

  • Next-generation stitch precision
  • Even faster embroidery
  • Superior stitch quality

The B 790 PRO features the next-generation BERNINA stitchprecision2  Technology that makes your sewing, quilting and embroidery experience quieter, more precise, and joyful. Swiss innovations allow superior stitch quality and up to 33% higher SDT embroidery speed.

Pinpoint Laser

  • Works in every needle position
  • Indicates the exact needle entry point
  • Next generation precision

Enjoy pinpoint precision by seeing where the needle will enter the fabric in every needle position. The BERNINA Pinpoint Laser marks your start and travel points as you sew and embroider.

Thread the needle automatically.

  • You are ready for sewing in a breeze
  • Push a button
  • Watch the machine thread the needle

The Automatic Needle Threader helps you get started with a different thread. From a needle size of 70, the upper thread can be automatically threaded into standard sewing needles and embroidery needles. Conveniently and quickly, every time!

Place your designs to suit your project

  • Define four points on the fabric
  • Place the design proportionally
  • Or morph to fit within the boundary

With the new 4-Point Placement, your embroidery or quilting design positioning is extremely easy and precise. This new function allows you to precisely place your designs to suit your project. Define four points on the fabric in the hoop, and the design is placed proportionally or can be morphed to fit the created boundary.

WiFi Connectivity and BERNINA Stitchout App

  • Design transfer from/to V9 Software
  • Monitor the embroidery process via the App
  • Real-time status updates remotely

Since WiFi is enabled on the B 790 PRO, you can transfer designs directly from your BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 (optional) to the machine or vice versa. And thanks to the new BERNINA Stitchout App, the embroidery process can be monitored on your smartphone remotely. The in-app notifications and real-time status updates will make your embroidery more convenient.

Customizable Quilt Designs

  • Quilt like a PRO
  • Modify stitches per inch
  • Unlimited scaling

The new Customizable Quilt Designs (.bqm) bring the functionality of professional longarm quilting to your embroidery machine. Unlimited scaling possibilities, the ability to modify the stitches per inch (SPI) and enhanced quilt securing functions enable you to achieve perfect computerized quilting on your embroidery machine.

Create your individual stitch

  • ...with the Stitch Designer
  • Edit existing stitch patterns
  • Easily move the stitch points with the multi-function knobs

Create your own stitches by drawing your ideas right on the touch screen. With a touch or turn on the multi-function knobs, the B 790 PRO turns your design into a stitch pattern or alters existing stitches as you wish. Save your very own stitch creations to expand your stitch library.

A screen beyond imagination

  • Extra large 7" colour touchscreen
  • Easy navigation with large symbols
  • Centrally & optimally located

The extra large touch screen allows you to operate the machine comfortably. Get direct tips and tricks or have short built-in tutorials show you the necessary work steps.

Align designs
as you wish

  • Both horizontally and vertically
  • Center, left, right, top, bottom
  • Align multiple lettering lines

Easily align and distribute embroidery designs horizontally and vertically. Use Multi-line Lettering and Text Alignment to personalize your text placement. With the line break, lettering of up to 10 lines is possible.


You imagine it.
You shape it.

  • Combine default formations
  • Arrange embroidery patterns
  • Any formation is possible

Multiply designs with one click and arrange them in a desired formation. Whether in a circle, square or heart, with the integrated Shape Designer, new and unique embroidery designs emerge.


More editing possibilities

  • Embroider endlessly
  • Group & ungroup designs
  • Rearrange designs

Undo or redo steps while editing or combining designs to return to your initial position. Change the stitch out sequence of design layers or use Rearrange in combination with Group & Ungroup for further editing possibilities. With the Endless Embroidery function, you can easily repeat and align embroider designs to make continuous borders.

Smart embroidery technology is even smarter.

  • Perfect becomes superb
  • Another increase in embroidery speed
  • The even better stitch quality

Thanks to the BERNINA stitchprecision2 Technology, the already enhanced BERNINA Embroidery Module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) is even faster, and the stitch quality is even more superior.


What's in the Box

Presser Feet Included
Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR)
#1C Reverse Pattern Foot (Zig Zag)
#1D Reverse Pattern Foot (Dual Feed)
#2A Overlock Foot
#3A Buttonhole Foot with Sliding Sole
#4D Zipper Foot (Dual Feed)
#5V Blind Hem Foot
#8V Jeans Foot
#20C Open Embroidery Foot
#40C Sideways Motion Foot

Additional Sewing Accesories
Bernina Free Hand System (FHS)
Extension table
Multifunction Foot Control
4X Jumbo Bobbins
Bobbin Case
Pack of Bernina Needles
Quilting Guide
Spool Caps
Height Compensation Tool
Straight Stitch Plate

Embroidery Accesories
SDT Embroidery Module (L)
#26V Embroidery Foot
Embroidery Hoop - Large + Grid sheet
Embroidery Hoop - Medium + Grid sheet
Embroidery Hoop - Small + Grid sheet

Grid Clips

Operation and maintainance
Dust cover
Machine Oil
Seam Ripper
Freestanding Accessory Wardrobe
Cleaning Brush
Instruction Manual


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