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Bernina Overlocker Machine L850

  • One-step BERNINA Air Threader
  • Extremely fast, precise and quiet
  • Convenient freearm
  • Total Stitch Control for perfect seams
  • Impressive sewing space


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Bernina Overlocker Machine L850


On the BERNINA L850 - A true masterpiece among overlockers!

This fabulous machine has the following key features:
- The One-step BERNINA Air Threader - The looper threads are magically moved through the machine by air with one simple step on the foot control. Now both hands are free to guide the threads. The L 850 automatically sets the loopers in the correct position of the air threader, with no turning the handwheel or searching for the right position.
- The BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) you can raise and lower the presser foot with your knee. In addition, the presser foot easily swings out for convenient access to the needles.
-  Total Stitch Control. The L 850 offers several settings for Total Stitch Control - all individually adjustable. The best part? You can change all of these settings while sewing - including the thread tension, cutting width, stitch length, and Micro Thread Control (MTC).
- Extremely fast, precise & quiet. Sew up to 1,500 stitches per minute, is strong, consistent, and precise at any speed in addition to being extremely quiet!
- The L850 has an integrated needle threader and automatic needle stop-up function make threading the needles simple. You can easily change from an overlock seam to a rolled hem or flatlock seam in no time because the thread remains in the same threading path.
- The L850 has a Grand sewing space of 5 5/8" right to the needle and includes an easy on/off extension table and convenient free arm.

The latest delivery information from Bernina is that we anticipate delivery of the L850 in July 2021 & the price is expected to be in the region of £3,000. Please call us on 0115 - 9223904 Pre-order & reserve yours today.


Maximum stitch width9mm
Machine weight27.1123KG
Semi-automatic needle threader
Speed control

What's in the Box

Standard Presser Foot #L10
Suitable for overlocking projects where the fabric edge is cut and neatened in a single operation. The presser foot is equipped with an adjustable open tape guide.
Slide-On Table L 850 / 890
The Extension table increases the sewing area to the left of the needle. It allows large fabrics to be guided more easily and gives a better overview of the sewing project.
Knee lifter/Free Hand System (FHS)
BERNINA‘s unique Free-Hand System (FHS) lets you raise the presser foot via a knee lifter. This leaves both hands free to guide your project.
Cut-Offs Bin
The cut-offs bin keeps the sewing table tidy. Simply click it on to the looper cover and dispose of fabric cut-offs immediately after cutting. It can also be used to store the foot control when the machine is not in use.
Right Seam Guide L 850/890
The right seam guide helps to guide the fabric and ensures that it is cut evenly.
Needle threader/inserter L 850/890
The needle threader / inserter makes it easy to hold, insert and thread overlocker needles.
BERNINA tweezers
BERNINA tweezers allow you to thread your overlocker with ease and remove any remaining pieces of thread from the machine.
Brush L 850/890
This tool helps to remove dust and lint from the looper and stitch-plate area.
Regular care ensures the flawless operation of the overlocker. Lubricating with this convenient oiler is an important part of it. For overlockers a special oil is used, declared on its label.
This screwdriver measures 1.5 mm in diameter and has a hex head.
Torx T10 screwdriver
To loosen/tighten the stitch plate screws.
Accessories Box
The large Accessory box and the corresponding extension box provide a lot of storage space for presser feet and further accessories. The knobs on the bottom of the boxes ensure a solid stability on the machine and prevent the boxes from shifting during transportation. The removable lid serves as a temporary tray for additional small parts used while sewing. The exentsion box is standard with L 890 and optional for L 850.
Spool Stabilizer L 850/890
The spool stabilizer prevents spools and cones of various sizes from vibrating at any sewing speed.
Spool disc (4 x)
For evenly pulling thread from a small thread spool.
Spool net (4 x)
To support even unwinding of nylon, rayon, silk ormetallic threads from the spool.
Needle set ELX705 CF (3 x Nr. 80, 2 x Nr. 90)
In different sizes for the most widely used applications.
Free Hand System (FHS)
To raise and lower the presser foot.
Knife cover insert
To protect the fingers and to deflect the fabric cut-offs during the sewing process.
Foot control
To start and stop the machine. To control the sewing speed.
Power cable
To connect the machine with the power supply system.
Dust cover
To protect the machine from dust and contamination.


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