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Juki HZL-NX7 KIREI Quilting & Sewing Machine

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Juki HZL-NX7 Kirei Quilting & Sewing Machine

The Juki HZL-NX7 Kirei quilting & sewing machine provides a new level of performance. Experience a machine and stitch quality that only the largest industrial sewing machine company in the world can offer.

With the ability to adjust to your needs, the HZL-NX7 Kirei comes with a foot pedal that allows you to choose the heel operation, automatic foot lift, a precise quarter-inch, and easy set single needle plate for perfectly straight stitches; this machine makes sure that your project from breath-taking fashion pieces to cosy quilts come out looking professional and beautiful.

The features don’t stop there! The HZL-NX7 Kirei comes equipped with sought-out features like needle up/down, thread trimming, drop-in bobbin, and speed control. With the addition of the LCD screen display and auto settings, we’ve made sure this machine works for any level of sewing expertise.

The HZL-NX7 was crowned with the name “Kirei” (綺麗) meaning “beautiful”, as a reflection of JUKI’s Japanese heritage. With captivating beauty, Kirei will bring high-quality and reliability to all of your sewing and quilting projects. Beautiful form, beautiful function.

Enhance your sewing experience with an exciting variety of stitch patterns and specialty quilt accessories available only for the HZL-NX7 Kirei.

Colour Screen

This allows you to change settings such as thread tension, presser foot pressure, pivot function, drop feed system, and automatic thread trimming with one touch. Additionally, you may select, combine, and save your favourite stitches on an easy-to-use, full-screen list of stitches!

Easy to use Digital Tensions

Needle thread tension can easily be set on the touch panel screen and stored in memory. Recall your favourite tension settings with the touch of a button.

Industrial Needle Plate & Feed Dogs

The straight stitch needle plate, feed dogs and presser foot can be replaced in one easy step. Easily convert your machine for a domestic feed system to a industrial straight stitch machine. Converting your machine to the industrial straight stitch will allow you to stitch over heavy thick seams down to the light-weight delicate silk fabrics.

Bobbin Thread Counter

The amount of bobbin thread used is counted based on the stich length and number of stiches sewn. Running out of bobbin thread can be prevented since you will be warned when 20% of thread remains.

Needle Plate with Guides

An angle scale is provided in addition to a fine guide scale. Sewing at an accurate position from the fabric edge as well as piecing are both made easier.

Built-in Walking Foot

Engage the JUKI Smart Feed dual feed function to move the top layer of your fabric in sync with the lower layer. Perfect for Points, precision and quilt layers. Adjust the feed amount in 0.2 mm steps for beautiful stitching without worried of shifting layered fabrics.

Box Feed - Juki Industrial Technology

The Juki industrial “BOX Feed” system has been brought to the home sewing machine. Our BOX Feed allows you to create perfect high-quality stitches on all types of fabrics.

Foot control with Independent Foot Switch

With a foot controller that emphasizes stepping comfort, the needle can be stopped at the precise location of your choice. The foot controller also features excellent responsiveness for sewing a single stitch. Set the NX7 to stitch an extra stitch, automatically trimer both threads and more.


Industrial Buttonhole using Juki's Industrial Technology

Easily Create and Enjoy Beautiful Buttonholes with Juki’s Combination of Industrial Background and Modern Technology.
Use the buttonhole sensor system for optimal feed on all types of fabric. You will love the one step buttonhole as it measures and evenly sews on both the right and left sides. Automatically works in optimum order for a perfectly finished buttonhole. This series allows you to adjust the cutting width of your buttonhole.

Turn Dials

Use the easy-to-operate dial to adjust the width and length of the stitch. The dial lets you makes light adjustments while sewing zigzag stitches, ideal for appliqué work. When in straight stitch adjust the zig zag dial to get over 30 different needle positions, incredible useful for putting concealed zips and pipping.

Float Function

By pressing the float button, you can sew with the presser foot slightly raised. By raising the presser foot to float you can sew fabrics without pushing layers or creating uneven seams.

Pivot Function

Sew corners or pivot with ease, when you stop sewing, the needle stops in the down position and the presser foot automatically lifts to allow for fabric movements.

Corner Sewing for Applique

The stitch width of the needle can be set to automatically and gradually change to achieve a stitch that gives a beautiful finish even to the corner of an applique or the start /end of a line of sewing. By adjusting the width and length, you can also control the angles of your design.

Bobbin Winder with Independent Motor

To set up the bobbin for winding, simply wind some thread around the bobbin and pass it through the guide. You can wind the bobbin thread every time, and also use a cutter after winding.

Large Sewing Table Included

Enjoy extra space and comfort by adding the accessory table while sewing or quilting.

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Machine Operation

What's in the Box


  • Standard Presser Foot (Part no. 40197188)
  • Zipper Presser Foot (Part no. A9133-010-0A0)
  • Overcasting Presser Foot (Part no. 40080960)
  • Blind Stitch Presser Foot (Part no. 40110164)
  • Buttonhole Presser Foot (Part no. 40080966)
  • Manual Buttonhole (Part no. 40110165)
  • Open Toe Presser Foot (Part no. 40080962)
  • Patchwork Presser Foot (Part no. 40197827)
  • Quilt Guide (Part no. 40190227)
  • 7mm Guide Foot (Part no. 40197832)
  • 1/4″ Guide Foot (Part no. 40197829)
  • Quilt Presser Foot (for ruler)
  • Straight Stitch Throat Plate
  • Straight Feed Dog
  • Touch Pen
  • Auxiliary Box
  • Needle Set
  • Quilt Guide
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • T-Shape Screwdriver
  • Ripper
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Spool Caps (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Foot Controller
  • Knee-Lifting Lever
  • Power Cord
  • Wide Table
  • Sewing Machine Case


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