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Pfaff Creative Icon 2



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creative icon™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine
3 Piece Luggage Set (Machine, Embroidery and accessory bag)
creative™ embellishment attachment
Multi Function Foot Control
Sewing and Embroidery Kit
Quilters Kit
Embellishment Kit


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The Pfaff Creative Icon 2 is a next-generation sewing and embroidery machine. 

This is the cutting edge of sewing as we know it; with advanced AI technology that’s constantly learning from the way you sew, you can achieve matchless results with beautiful modern quality. Featuring hands-free functionality with speech recognition software, you can let the machine simply do what it does best.

This is Sewing & Embroidery as You’ve Never Seen it Before

Everything about the Creative Icon 2 is designed to break boundaries. It’s the first machine of its kind to feature an embellishment attachment that automatically couches embroidery materials in the desired direction over your project. There’s also a projector feature that highlights the sewing area on your fabric and can preview your embroidery design or stitches onto the surface of your garments.

Along with the AI, which continually processes all information fed through the machine in order to improve its performance, this is sewing as you’ve never witnessed it before - and it’s coming to Sewing Direct’s online store, soon!

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Be the first to find out more by securing your machine with a deposit today. In the meantime, you can also view the original Pfaff Creative Icon - an incredible sewing and embroidery machine in its own right!


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Artificial Intelligence Technology

Attach any included presser foot and the machine will inform you if the foot is compatible with your stitch selection. It will also show you if the foot is attached incorrectly.

Voice Control

The world’s first and only sewing machine with voice control. Hands-free commands offer sewists more flexibility to explore their most creative endeavors.Works with Alexa™. ”Alexa, ask creative icon™ 2 to show me all ribbon stitches.”
Pfaff Creative Icon 2 - Projector: Grid and Guidelines

Projector: Stitch Preview

Enables you to easily preview whatever you plan to stitch on the fabric. Achieve perfectly placed stitching while saving precious time.

Click here for a quick video

Projector: Grid and Guidelines

Overlay helpful lines with adjustable angles and grids of adjustable sizes in sewing mode.

Projector: Embroidery Placement

Project the image of an embroidery on your hooped fabric for easy placement. Use the precise positioning feature to fine-tune the perfect placement. Easily match multiple hoopings to create embroideries at the ideal size.

Power, Stability and Precision

The creative icon™ 2 has a high needle-piercing power (150NWT) making it easier to sew heavyweight materials. The base plate is engineered to reduce vibrations and increase stabilit

Patented ActivStitch™ Technology

Sensors measure the fabric thickness and various stitch settings to regulate the amount of thread needed to achieve perfect balance between the needle and bobbin threads. Results are perfect on both sides of the fabric.

mySewnet™ Connectivity

Get creative with seamless navigation between your machine screen, laptop and mobile. A 90-day free trial of mySewnet™PLATINUM Subscription is included.

Sewnet™ Library^mySewnet™ Library has thousands of beautiful ready-made embroidery designs, from flowers and fonts to nature and more.

mySewnet™ BlogGet inspired and learn how to do more with new articles, projects and news every month.

mySewnet™ App Download the free app that connects your phone to your machine. Digitize photos on the go, get live machine updates, and more.

mySewnet™ CloudAccess the cloud folder with free 100MB storage for all files saved in one place directly from the machine screen.
Embellishment Attachment - Pfaff Creative icon 2

Creative™ Embellishment Attachment**

Embroider ribbon, beads or yarn directly and precisely on fabric as the creative™ Embellishment Attachment guides the material into place. It’s the first attachment in the industry capable of automatically stitching a variety of materials.

Exclusive Stitch Techniques

Create unique finished projects with hundreds of sophisticated stitches including exclusive and patented stitch techniques, such as: floating stitches, radiant stitches, single-ribbon stitches, double-ribbon stitches, triple-ribbon stitches, lace-edge stitches and stacking stitches.

The Embrdoidery side of the Creative Icon 2

Largest Machine Embroidery Hoop On The Market

Included with the machine, the creative™ Grand Dream Hoop is the largest machine embroidery hoop on the market to accommodate larger embroideries in one hooping (360 x 350 mm).
Embroidery Hoop - Worlds Largest Hoop - Pfaff Performance Icon


Use the precise-positioning feature to fine-tune the perfect placement. Easily match multiple hoopings to create embroideries at the ideal size.

873 Built-In Embroidery Designs

Select from a wide variety of built-in embroidery designs with 33 specialty techniques

Shape Creator

Combine decorative stitches or design elements instantly and more precisely to create truly unique borders and designs

Appliqué Creator

Create appliqué embroideries on screen with Appliqué Creator. Choose from more than 20 different shapes and 20 appliqué-specific stitch options, or use any stitch preinstalled on the machine.

creative signature™ Embroidery Programs

Edit designs on screen to customize your project, preview the possibilities and make stitching the design easier without additional software.

Embroidery Stitch-Out Overview

Enables you to preview all embroidery settings before stitching, and change them before entering Embroidery Stitch-Out.

Fast Embroidery Speed

Up to 1,050 stitches per minute with optimum results.

Automatically Cut Jump Stitches

Cuts embroidery jump stitches automatically, pulling threads to the back side so you don’t need to do so.

Auto Save

creative icon™ is set to periodically save the embroidery stitch number and position while embroidering. This makes it easy to come back to exactly where you left off if you need to stop in the middle of embroidering or if the power goes out.

Embroider Any Sewing Stitch

Sew any stitch in the embroidery hoop for perfect results and to create unique embroidery designs.

Undo/Redo in Embroidery Edit

Undo/Redo design edits in Embroidery Edit mode allows you to easily correct any mistakes

4 Embroidery Hoops Included

• creative™ Grand Dream Hoop (360 x 350mm)
• creative™ Supreme Hoop (360 x 260mm)
• creative™ Elite Hoop (260 x 200mm)
• creative™ 120 Square Hoop (120 x 120mm)

Hoop Positions

Move the hoop to various positions to see where the current stitch position is or to help you access parts of your design.

The Sewing side Of the Creactive Icon 2

806 Stitches

In addition to our specialty stitches, you get a wide variety of stitches including 9mm decorative stitches and Maxi Stitches up to 52mm wide.
Performance Icon two stitch selection- sewing direct

Stitch Creator

Create 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity

Stitch Repeat

Sew precisely the number of stitches you desire so they fit perfectly on your project. The days of counting as you stitch or guessing are gone

Tapering on Decorative Stitches

Taper at the beginning and/or at the end of any stitch. Change the angle of taper for unlimited creative opportunities. You can even embroider wonderful tapers in the hoop.

Four Free-Motion Modes

Four modes at your fingertips. Whether free-motion quilting, using rulers, thread painting, or darning, the end result is impressive

Sew with Embroidery Unit On

Easily convert from embroidery mode to sewing mode; no need to remove the embroidery unit.

Automatic Presser-Foot Lift

Raises the presser foot instantly when the needle is set to stop down and/or at the end of a seam after a thread snip.

Electronic Knee-Lift

Simply lift the presser foot with Enhanced Electronic Knee-Lift, allowing you to keep your hands on your project.

Stitch Positioning

With a simple adjustment, align the stitch position with a point on your fabric or presser foot.

Stitch Density

For the desired fullness, density can be increased or decreased without affecting stitch length because this machine carefully controls the distance between the stitch points

Sensormatic One-Step Buttonhole

Sew professional-looking buttonholes in one easy step.

Mirror Image of Stitches

Mirror-image stitches to match the direction that works best for your project. Flip the stitch side to side and/or end to end for even greater creative possibilities.

Stitch Restart

Return to the beginning of a stitch or sequence without having to reset any special settings you’ve made.

Needle Up/Down

Set your needle to stop up or down in the fabric automatically for easy pivoting, appliqué and more

Start/Stop Button

Sew without the foot control – makes sewing long seams, free-motion and embroidery easy.

Stitch-Width Safety

The Stitch-Width Safety feature prevents needle breakage. It limits stitch width to center-needle straight stitch using a straight-stitch foot.

Twin Needle Program

Enter twin needle size to automatically adjust the stitch width. See the twin needle stitch on the screen.

Enhanced Fabric Feed

Exceptional even feeding, no matter the material used.

Thread Snips

Thread snips automatically cut the top and bobbin threads and pull thread ends to the back side of fabric.
Performance Icon two- sewing direct

The Machine Creative Icon 2

Built-in Help Center

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.Built-in techniques and tutorials for zippers, hems, collars, ruffles, cuffs, quilting and much more

10.1-Inch Touch Screen

Our supersized, interactive tablet display, with customizble interface and the largest screen in the market, allows even more creativity.

Large Sewing Space

Extra large sewing space to accommodate large projects and quilts. 12.2in (310mm) x 5.51in (140mm

Automatic Needle Threader

Fully automatic needle threader for fast, efficient threading.

Extra-Large Bobbin

Sew longer without interruption with extra-large-capacity bobbins.

Straight-Stitch Needle Plate with Sensor

When the straight-stitch plate is attached, the machine is automatically set to straight-stitch mode, preventing damage to the needle and the plate.

Top and Bobbin Thread Sensors

Top and bobbin thread sensors alert you if a needle or thread breaks and tell you when the bobbin is getting low.

Separate Bobbin-Winding Motor

You can easily wind a bobbin while sewing or embroidering.

Updatable Firmware

Automatically update machine firmware via WiFi and mySewnet™.

Jam-Proof Rotary Hook

Jam-proof rotary hook keeps threads from getting caught in the bobbin area.

Accessories Included

Your machine includes 12 different presser feet for all of your basic sewing techniques; two large stitch plates; a standard plate featuring seam markings to the left and right of the needle; and a straight-stitch plate with a single hole and indexed markings for greater precision and control

Built-In Accessory Tray

Rubberized accessory tray with custom compartments for all included accessories makes all accessories stay in place for a nice and tidy look. There is even room for more accessories.

Telescopic Thread Guide

Use a wide variety of thread spools or cones with perfect results with the telescopic thread guide and reworked thread paths.

Multiple USB Ports

Two USB ports allow for more versatility for transferring designs and update

Machine Set-Up Wizard

The Machine Set-Up Wizard will show you step-by-step how to set up your machine, making it easier to get started on your projects.

Embroidery Unit Case Included

Carry, store and protect your embroidery unit.

Optional Accessories

A wide variety of optional accessories are available including the Multi-Function Foot Control, creative™ Embellishment Attachement and more.
Pfaff Creative Icon 2 sewing machine
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