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Singer Universal Sewing Machine Needles #2020 Size 90/14

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Singer Universal Sewing Machine Needles #2020 Size 90/14

Singer Universal Sewing Machine Needles #2020 in Size 90/14.  These needles, precision-manufactured and colour-coded, are designed for sewing on medium-weight, natural, woven fabrics, ensuring easy identification and suitability.

Size 90/14 sewing machine needles are a common type of needle used in sewing machines.  The "90" refers to the European metric sizing system, while the "14" corresponds to the American sizing system. These needles are often recommended for medium-weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, and lightweight denim.

Each pack contains 5 needles.

Why choose Singer Universal Sewing Machine Needles?

Singer, a household name in the sewing industry since its establishment by Isaac Merritt Singer in 1851, has continually set the standard for innovation and quality. With a legacy of revolutionizing the textile industry with the introduction of the first practical home sewing machine, Singer remains dedicated to evolving its products to cater to the diverse needs of sewing enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals alike.

Renowned for reliability and versatility, Singer products empower individuals to express their creativity through sewing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced seamstress, Singer offers a comprehensive range of sewing machines, accessories, and needles to support your crafting journey.

Explore our full range of sewing machine needles here to find the perfect match for your projects.

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