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Overlock machines are an important addition to any sewing enthusiast’s collection. But just what is an overlock machine, and how does it differ from a traditional sewing machine? Find out more in our guide here:

 What Is An Overlock Machine?

An overlock machine is a craft sewing machine that produces a professional knitted stitch which sews over the edge of cloth. Also known as a serger, the overlock is a specialised piece of machinery that binds your fabric and reduces excess seam. Designed to stitch over the edge of one or several pieces of fabric, the overlock machine can product a neat edge on your project and will prevent any material fraying.

What Are The Benefits Of An Overlock Machine?

In addition to producing neat, crisp edges on your fabric, the overlock machine can be used to stop edge stretching - or used to implement it if desired. As a versatile design machine the overlock can gather or ruffle your material, or produce a ‘lettuce edge.’ In many cases the overlock machine will also cut the edges of your cloth.

What Are The Difference Between Sewing Machines & Overlock Machines?

 The overlock machine is a complimentary piece of hobbycraft machinery to your sewing machine. Despite being similar, there are a number of notable differences. When joining edges, an overlock machine is far superior in speed, and they contain a looper which loops threads on the fabric’s edge and prevents fraying. This gives a professional finish to your material. As many overlock machines also come with a blade, they are capable of trimming the edges as they sew.

Should I Use A Sewing Machine Or An Overlock Machine?

 These two machines ideally compliment each. It’s advised to use an overlock machine if you’re looking for a professional edge finish, are sewing with a knitting project or need to get through a huge volume of edges in a short space of time. If you want to do more complex stitches, such as topstitching, buttonholes or adding zippers to fabric, then a sewing machine would be a more suitable choice.

I’m A Beginner, Should I Use An Overlock Machine? 

An overlock machine can be quite complicated to get accustomed to, so if you’re a beginner stitcher it’s recommended that you buy a sewing machine first and get comfortable with the various types of stitches before progressing.  

Find Out More About Overlock & Sewing Machines 

If you’ve got a question our experts are here to help! We stock a wide range of sewing machines from Singer, Bernina and more. Our specialists can help you pick the perfect machine for your needs, or give you advice on getting the most from your sewing craft. Get in touch today to learn more!.


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