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Juki MO-2000 QVP Air Threader Overlocker

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Juki MO-2000 QVP Air Threader Overlocker

The Juki MO-2000 QVP Air Threader Overlocker is packed with all the great features of the Juki MO-1000 Air Threader, like its effortless air threading only with the addition of an easy to use, informational LCD Screen.  The LCD Screen offers easy set-up instructions along with quick access to tension settings for 15 different stitches which means no more searching through pages of your manual.  Overlocking is simplified with the addition of this informational LCD screen making it a great machine for both beginner and seasoned overlocker users.

Perfect For Clothing, Home Decorating & Crafts

Unleash your creative potential with the Juki Home Overlockers, featuring exceptional models that elevate your sewing experience. Whether you are designing the latest fashion trends or crafting decorative home items, the MO-2000 QVP air threading machine is your perfect companion. With its built-in rolled hemming and differential feed, it's a powerhouse for all your sewing needs.

This line of overlockers seamlessly handles today's cutting-edge fabrics and decorative threads, thanks to its innovative design.  By incorporating overlocking techniques into your sewing repertoire, you'll unlock a world of fresh design possibilities, allowing your creativity to soar. Dive into endless inspiration with the Juki Air Threader Overlockers.

Convenient Threading With the Easy Threader

Easily thread the machine from the threading hole to the looper using the new easy threader feature powered by a strong whoosh of air from the electric motor. This amazing function dramatically speeds up and simplifies upper and lower looper threading.

Informational LCD Screen

The LCD Screen provides easy set-up instructions including tension settings for 15 different stitches at a glance. No more searching through pages of your manual, overlocking is simplified with the informational LCD screen for more efficient and timely sewing.

Quiet Operation

The sound-reducing design minimizes the operating noise and the unit sews with less vibration.

Adjustable Differential Feed

Create beautifully sewn finishes by adjusting the differential feed.  This means you can evenly sew easily stretched fabrics such as knits and georgette, create beautifully sewn finishes by adjusting the differential feed. Adjustments can even be made while sewing.

Beautiful Sharp Curve

The distance between the needle and knife is 9.95mm (conventional model: 15.5mm), allowing you to sew beautiful inside curves.

Upper Looper Converter 2-/3-Thread Conversion

Switch to 2-Thread sewing simply by pushing the 2-/3-thread changeover attachment to the left, making this operation even easier.

Wide Throat Area

The height of the throat is 72.4mm. Due to this height, the usability of the workspace is improved infinitely.

LED Sewing Light

The needle area is brightly illuminated. The long-life, energy-efficient and eco-friendly light will not heat up, even after a long period of use.

Waste Collector

Provided as a standard accessory, the waste collector catches cut-off fabric and is useful for keeping the area tidy.

Other Useful Features

*Automatic rolled hemming
*Adjustable presser foot pressure
*Option to deactivate upper knife
*Cutting width adjusting dial
*Safety feature preventing operation when the presser foot is in the up position or the cover is open.
*Thread trimming blade for easy thread cutting


330mm (W) x 280mm (D) x 310mm (H)


9.0 kg (19.84 Lb)

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What's in the Box

Needle set 130/705H(SCHMETZ)
Brush/needle inserter
Electronic foot control
Spool caps
Looper threader
Accessory bag
Dust cover
Waste collector
Instruction manual
Operation support DVD


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