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Looking for a new sewing machine but not sure what to get? Well look no further, this guide of the top 4 performing Bernina sewing machines will give you all the information you need to make a decision and get your best sewing machine yet.

Who is Bernina?

Bernina is a globally recognised manufacturing company, producing sewing and embroidery systems.  First originating from Switzerland, Bernina now sells thousands of machines a year with a revenue of 267 million.  With high levels of brand loyalty, many customers have every confidence in Bernina and wouldn't be without one of their many sewing machines on the market. 

Bernina caters for everyone with their machines, so whether you’re just starting out and sewing for a hobby, or are working within the sewing industry, you can rely on Benina for a machine that you can trust. Bernette, a label run by Bernina stocks a great selection of sewing machines for beginners.

With so many sewing machines on the market, we know it can be confusing to know which one to pick. Therefore we have decided to do a run down on the top 5 sewing machines Bernina has to offer.

Top 5 Bernina Sewing Machines for your every need

Bernette b33 sewing machine

The Bernette b33 sewing machine is the perfect choice for beginners, who are getting to grips with sewing.  At an affordable price range, the bernette b33 offers all the basics of a first sewing machine,  but still provides customers with a high quality machine that they can trust. 

There are many superb features with the bernette b33, including 15 built in stitches, drop feed and an automatically winding bobbin, just to name a few. With a built in needle threader and accessible threat cutter the b33 makes it easy to set up and get creative with your latest sewing project. 

Bernina 770 Quilters Edition PLUS Sewing Machine

The Bernina 770QE is arguably a sewing machine perfect for all the pro’s out there. With a twist on the  traditional sewing machines on the market, the Bernina 770 offers additional quilting stitches so you can take your sewing projects to the next level. 

With a full colour touchscreen, 1,809 sewing stitches and 74 built in quilting stitches this is the perfect machine for not only sewers but also quilters and embroiderers. The Bernina 770 handles both light and heavy fabrics with ease, making for a smooth and accurate usage for all the creative projects you have your eyes on. 

Bernette b38 Sewing Machine

The Bernette b38 sewing machine is another stand out for beginners and could soon be your best sewing machine yet. The Bernette b38 tops the b30 range with many standout features. 

Similarly to the Bernette b33, the b38 is a great choice for beginners, however with the addition of a digital display and a larger variety of stitches, 394 to be exact. The machine also has an automatic thread cutter and tie-off feature.  

This sewing machine is the perfect choice if you're looking for something high quality and a bit more advanced than the very basics, whilst still falling within an affordable price range. 

Bernina 335 Sewing Machine

Sitting in the mid-range price for Bernina sewing machines, the Bernina 335 sewing machine is a fantastic machine for beginners and competent sewers. With simple threading processes, 900 stitches per minute and automatic buttonhole sewing this machine is going to get your creations from your head to the real world in no time at all. 

The machine also features a free hand system, LED display and semi-auto needle threading allowing you to be at ease knowing the machine is working with you and not against you on those all important projects. 

Bernina 735 Sewing Machine 

The Bernina 735 Machine is one for advanced sewers. With a pricier budget, this machine offers all the advanced features you would expect, making it perfect for those with bigger projects to bring to life. With a 7 inch full colour display, premium stitching technology and consistent stitching at any speed it is easy to see why this is such a popular machine amongst professionals.

This machine is top-of-the-line for sewing garments, as well as on quilting. 

The Bernina 735 can also be used for embroidery tasks by simply purchasing the embroidery module, opening up a whole new world of creativity for you and your machine. 

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Embroidery machines help you create one of a kind fabric designs. Stitch by stitch, these high-quality machines can bring even the most innovative and challenging sewing projects to life. But not all embroidery machines are created equal, so how do you choose the perfect machine for your needs and skill level?

There are several factors to consider when buying an embroidery machine. Below are some of the top considerations to keep in mind when choosing one for yourself.

Which Brand Makes the Best Embroidery Machine?

This is, of course, subjective and depends on the other features you’re looking for in a machine.

Singer, Bernina and Pfaff make some of the most popular embroidery machines, each with their own innovative features to set them apart. Singer specialises in a traditional, what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach, while Pfaff embraces modern features like touchscreen displays and groundbreaking new attachments and functions (like with the exceptional new Pfaff Creative Icon 2) – but you’ll need to invest more for these perks.

Choose an Embroidery Machine Made for the Projects You Work On

When picking your machine, consider the sewing area you need. What size of fabric are you working with? How large do you need your embroidery hoops to be? A larger sewing space means that the sewing area to the right of your needle is ideal for sewing large amounts of fabric or batting.

What’s Your Budget?

This is one of the most important considerations, as the price of embroidery machines can vary widely depending on their features and the brand, as mentioned above. Do you have a set budget or are you happy to browse and choose the machine that best speaks to your needs? 

Picking Your Embroidery Features

Alongside budgetary considerations, think about the features you want from your embroidery machine. 

There’s a range of features available with embroidery machines like quilt binders, electric thread tension, automatic tie-off, stitch sequencing and a range of stitch sizes. Many features will be brand-specific, while some are only available at certain price points.

Get the model you need to suit the requirements and complexities of your sewing projects.

Do You Want an Embroidery Machine that Can Also Sew?

There are some great sewing machines that also do embroidery, and while they may cost more than most embroidery-only machines, they can be a convenient solution if you need to rapidly switch between embroidery and sewing tasks.

Some popular examples include the Pfaff Creative 1.5 Sewing and Embroidery Machine and the Bernina S-590 Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machine, both of which are multi-function machines that can perform several tasks.

Choose an Embroidery Machine for Your Skill Level

Are you a beginner, a novice or a professional? Embroidery machines are available at all skill levels, which is often reflected in the price. 

Do you need a simple tool that’s easy to get to grips with or do you want an advanced piece of kit that will allow you to produce high-volume, professionally-finished fabrics? If you see yourself upgrading in a few years, you may want to consider an embroidery machine in a lower price range and skill bracket, like the Singer EM200 Embroidery Machine.

At the top end of the spectrum is the Pfaff Creative Icon and Bernina 880, both excellent sewing and embroidery machines for pros and eager enthusiasts.

If you’re just starting on your embroidery journey, be sure to read our Beginner’s Guide to Embroidery.

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Overlock machines are an important addition to any sewing enthusiast’s collection - especially if you want results with a professional finish. 

If you’re new to overlockers, you might not know much about them, so here’s a helpful guide to overlockers, including what makes them great and how they differ from traditional sewing machines.

What is an Overlocker?

An overlock machine is a craft sewing machine that produces a professional knitted stitch that sews over the edge of the fabric. The stitches they produce are truly unique and can’t be replicated on traditional sewing machines.

Also known as a serger, the overlocker is a specialised piece of machinery that binds your fabric and reduces excess seam. Many of the big sewing brands produce their own overlockers, all with unique features to set them apart from each other – so there’s a wealth of options if you’re in the market for one!

Designed to stitch over the edge of one or several pieces of fabric, the overlock machine can produce a neat edge on your project and will prevent material from fraying.

What Are The Benefits Of An Overlock Machine?

In addition to producing neat, crisp edges on your fabric, the overlock machine can be used to stop edge stretching - or used to implement it, if desired. As a versatile design machine, the overlocker can gather or ruffle your material, or produce a ‘lettuce edge.’ In many cases, the overlock machine will also cut the edges of your cloth for precise, professional results.

What Are The Differences Between Sewing Machines & Overlock Machines?

The overlock machine is a piece of machinery designed to complement your sewing machine – not replace it. Despite being similar, there are several notable differences. When joining edges, an overlock machine is far superior in speed, and they contain a looper that loops threads on the fabric’s edge and prevents fraying. This gives a professional finish to your material that single-thread sewing machines can’t reproduce. 

As many overlock machines also come with a blade, they are capable of trimming the edges as they sew. For more information, read our full blog on the difference between sewing machines and overlockers.

Should I Use A Sewing Machine Or An Overlock Machine?

These two machines ideally complement each other. It’s advised to use an overlock machine if you’re looking for a professional edge finish, are sewing with a knitting project or need to get through a huge volume of edges in a short space of time. 

If you want to do more complex stitches, such as topstitching, buttonholes or adding zippers to fabric, then a sewing machine would be a more suitable choice.

I’m A Beginner, Should I Use An Overlock Machine? 

An overlock machine can be quite complicated to get accustomed to, so if you’re a beginner stitcher it’s recommended that you buy a sewing machine first and get comfortable with the various types of stitches before progressing.

Because overlockers use multiple lines of thread, they can be tricky to set up, despite many modern machines having helpful features like semi-automatic threading and air threading. They’re also not an essential piece of equipment for novices still learning to sew simple projects, so don’t feel rushed into using one!

Overlockers For All Skill Levels

When you do decide to invest in an overlock machine, there’s a range of options for any price point and skill level.

For beginners, a fantastic choice is the JAGUAR 099 OVERLOCKER. This has basic features that give users the perfect introduction to overlocking, with no distracting embellishments and an easy-to-use design.

For intermediate to pro users, an excellent overlocker is the Pfaff Admire Air 5000. This machine is sophistication to the highest degree, with terrific build quality and an array of features to take your overlocking experience further.

Finally, for the pro users that aren’t worried about a budget, you can’t do much better than the Bernina L890. This combination machine performs overlock stitches and coverstitches alike, with a futuristic design and modern features like a touchscreen design and one-step air threading system. This is the ultimate overlocking experience!

Find Out More About Overlockers & Sewing Machines 

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